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Gameboid - Gameboy Emulator for Android Phones and Tablets.

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GBA Statistic For 2010


GBA Projects

At we specializes in offering free web hosting for Gameboy Classic, GB Color and GAMEBOY Advance modding and homebrew projects. We believe in the importance of giving back to the comunity, and do not try to make a profits on something that others make for free.


Alternative to Color Consoles

Want a different colored GameCube, a different colored LED, or one that will play both US and JP games?  Check out the service Jason, aka DrEggMan on IGN boards, offers.  

For Nintendo 3DS Mods and Hacks go to For me 3DS MP3 and Video player looks like a great project to check out. Now what we need is an emu to play GBA Games on 3DS for free, because we already have bought them onece so there is no need to purchase them from Nintendo DSiWare Store one more time just to play them on the latest console.

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New AC Adapter mod

This new GBA project was submitted into the site by Al.  Tired of having to use an external ac adapter because Nintendo didn't include an AC Adapter port on the GBA?  Well, look no futher.

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Gameboy Games on DSi

Nintendo DSi was relesed without a GBA slot so to play Gameboy games on it you need eather a DSTWO SuperCard adapter or iPlayer. more at GBA DSi.

I only wonder if this microSD / SDHC adapter emulator will work on 3DS.


Pictures of GBA dye... finally!

I've finally uploaded the pictures of my dyed GBA to the page... I scanned the pictures I took of the GBA, as well as the GBA itself.  Check it out here.

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The GBA Project reLaunch

The GBA Project is back!  Site updates have been scarce due to some technical difficulties and some serious motivational problems (eh?).  Enjoy the updated Import List and check out My GBA Dyeing results.  Many new stories to come.

Edit:  I hope no one is using Netscape 6, because the site was designed using MS Frontpage (for MS Explorer).

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Massive updates to Import List

The Import List has been updated.  The [now useless] GBA information is gone and is replaced with more useful statistics.  The List now contains 31 import sites and 63 user ratings.  Thanks goes out to everyone who has sent in their site reviews!

Have you imported before?  Help out the List by sending me this info:

  1.  Where you imported from
  2.  What you imported
  3.  A rating:  Positive - Average - Negative
  4.  Shot explanation why
  5.  When you imported

  daniel at

Thinking about importing something?  The Import List will give you the best and most recommended places on the internet to import video games.

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GBA Screen Protection

User SashimiX from the IGN GBA boards has come up with a cheap and functional solution for preventing your precious GBA screen from becoming scratched and dirty.  Check it out.

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2-18-11 My GBA Dyeing Results

Well I've finally gotten some pictures of the dyeing  finished product taken and developed, as well as your basic write-up written.  As soon as I get a chance to scan and upload these images, they'll be on the site.  Check it out, before you decide to dye your GBA.  This information might make you change your mind.... More dyeing experiments to follow in the future, as well.

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Want to have a different colored system but don't have the guts to mess with your GBA yourself?  No problem.  Color Consoles offer new systems you can buy that are already colored, or you can send in your unit for them to color.  $20 to change the color of your GBA.  Check their site out.

Have you gone through  Send us an email telling us how their service was, and what the quality of their work is.

Posted by:  Webmaster   Last Updated:  2-17-11 2:44  pm   top

2-16-11 Portable Monopoly is close!

Check out the redesigned portable monopoly web site.  They're really close to taking orders on their frontlight lighting system.  Even better, it should only cost about $35.  

Posted by:  Webmaster   Last Updated:  2-16-11 7:12  pm   top

2-16-11's new light solution: Cyclops

GBALight has presented a new light solution that surpasses the LightSheild Advance modification: the Cyclops.  Check it out at

Posted by:  Webmaster   Last Updated:  2-16-11 7:09  pm   top

2-16-11 It's been awhile...

So it's been awhile since I've looked at the site and a lot of things have happened.  I've gotten a new PC, a Nintendo GameCube, and I haven't played my GBA in awhile.  However, Golden Sun is calling my name... expect regular updates in the near future.  More on the GBA dyeing project will be coming soon.

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8-13-01 New GBA Experiments from Nightc1's Laboratory

Nightc1 of IGN Boards has given The GBA Project permission to post his GBA projects and experiments on the site.  New projects in the projects section include what the inside of the GBA looks like, inside of a GBA cartridge, messing with the GBA 'contrast control', and more. 

Check out Nightc1's site here.

Thanks a lot!

If you have conducted experiments with the GBA system and would like to see them on The GBA Project, give me a yell.  mailto:%[email protected]

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8-19-01 Frankenlight?

So you want a better GBA light and aren't satisfied with the ones at the local game shop?  No sweat, just make a better one yourself.  Check out this new site out: GBA Wormlight Improvement Project.  2 Wormlight Pluses, some Aceton and paper cups and... eureka:  the Frankenlight!

Have a Wormlight?  Try the Frankenlight.  Have a Lightshield?  Try this.

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